Scandic City Resort to Open in Shopping Haven, Stockholm

Stockholm is one of our favorite cities to shop and soon there will be an amazingly classy hotel to stay in while we do! Scandic is our favorite luxury hotel chain in northern Europe and we think you’ll like them too.

In the spring of 2017, Scandic will open a completely new type of hotel in Stockholm – a city resort. The hotel will be a playful and beautiful oasis in the middle of the vibrant concrete jungle of the city. The design of the hotel, which involves a comprehensive renovation of the existing hotel property Sergel Plaza, is a long-term collaboration between the leading hotel operator in the Nordic region, Scandic Hotels, and the property owner, Stena Fastigheter.

Sergel lazacbar

The unique city resort, which is expected to open in the early spring of 2017, will have about 420 hotel rooms and 2,300 m2. The hotel, which has been operated under the Scandic brand since 2007 through a franchise agreement between Hilton and Scandic, will undergo a complete renovation starting in 2016.

“Sergel Plaza will have a unique and clear position in Scandic’s offering. Our vision is to create a new kind of city hotel with an excellent location. It will be a hotel for the savvy, cosmopolitan visitor of 2020, who has high standards and seeks new experiences, and who is happy to combine work and pleasure,” says Frank Fiskers, President & CEO of Scandic Hotels.

twin room

“The Brunkebergstorg area has been under development for some time and it is very significant for the development of downtown Stockholm. For this reason, we are very happy that we now have the opportunity together with Scandic to develop Sergel Plaza into one of Stockholm’s most attractive meeting places with a hotel, restaurant and shops all in the same building,” says Nils Pers, CEO of Stena Fastigheter Stockholm AB.


Innovative and unexpected hotel experience for the travelers of 2020 With an innovative and unexpected product offering, the hotel will attract savvy,  cosmopolitan guests, business travelers and families with children visiting Stockholm, who have high demands and seek exciting experiences. of restaurant and conference facilities.

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