See 100 Years of Bridal Fashion in Just 3 Minutes

Whether you’re a fashion designer or a student, this might be an alluring idea for you. A time lapse video has been created that allows one to have a glimpse of bridal fashion as it has evolved over the last century. Though there have been drastic changes in fashion in general, it fascinating to see how trends have been changing in bridal fashion over the years.  The video starts with a model wearing a lacy, high collared bridal gown (the year 1910) and ends with a model shown in a body hugging embellished gown (the year 2015).

In the first decade of this video, you see brides totally covered from head to toe with little flesh exposed. You find laces and gloves, as well as an extravagant veil. You can easily get the impression of how hard it must have been for brides in this era to get ready for their wedding. Moving on to the 3rd decade of the 20th century, you see that the dress has become a little short and the bride is also wearing pearls to adorn her. The bride is not 100% covered as you can see her legs a little bit.

The brides of the thirties once again started to wear long gowns. But they were now covered with laces with a silky gown underneath. Brides again can be seen in a veil with pearls helping them in this endeavor. It was in the 40’s that bridal gowns started to become more feminine in nature. They now emphasized the upper body of the bride and also her waist. You can also notice a train on the gown of the bride. Her veil also becomes longer than before.

The bridal fashion of the 60’s tells us that focus was more upon makeup with bright lipstick and false eyelashes. In the 70’s, brides wore embroidered gowns and also made use of floral wreaths. The gown became puffy in the 80’s with makeup more gaudy. It was snow that bride started to wear heavy jewelry. The hairstyles sported by brides in the 80’s were really wild.

Bridal fashion of the 90’s was highlighted with dark lipstick and light makeup. Bridal gowns now had a plunging neckline and brides started to wear gorgeous earrings made of pearls. Fashion again took a turn in the 2000’s with bridal gown becoming sleeveless and off the shoulder. Brides now had a very small veil made of net.


Watch this video to be mesmerized with the evolving bridal fashion.

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