Seniors Love to Work Their Own Style Too

When it comes to fashion, it’s easy to think only of the world’s youth and disregard that older people also enjoy looking good and showing off their own style. Sure, street fashion might sound like it’s for the younger people of society. But in reality, it’s just the collection of styles you see all around you – and that includes seniors too.

Don’t forget that older citizens have seen many styles and trends come and go and for some, this has led to a lifetime love affair with fashion. There are influencers in all walks of life, and so it is with senior fashion icons and bloggers:

  • Isabella Rossellini – the actress and icon is the face of Lancome and still turning heads with her beauty and style.
  • Daphne Selfe – a model since 1949, now in her 80s is still showcasing a variety of different fashions.
  • Bethann Hardison – former model turned talent scout who started her own agency in her 80s as a response to the lack of diversity among models.
  • Diane von Furstenberg – famous fashion designer who created her first collection in the 70s is still going strong and influencing the world of fashion.  

Read this article to find out more about fashion industry influencers for the older generation.

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