Seven Fashion Tips for A Longer Winter

As colder weather continues in the northern hemisphere, it can be hard for a style conscious fashionista to bundle up and still bring the fab! But don’t hibernate, you need glam all year around. So save the crop tops, capris, miniskirts, and open toe shoes for later – Winter won’t last forever!

Here Are the Top Seven Tips for Winter Fashion

  1. First things first, cover it up! Add long sleeves, long trousers, long socks, even longer skirts to your Winter looks because you lose heat anywhere that your skin is exposed to the elements, and if you get your skin wet you’ll be even colder.

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  1. Now for the Winter basics, it’s all about layers. Start with a thermal base of close-fitting undergarments for top and bottom. You can find this Winter gear in nude colors to match your skin, and even in sheer design textures, and these can be worn discreetly under any clothing and will make a noticeable difference in your comfort. Next add cardigans, jackets, and try leggings under skirts.

  1. Fortunately for you, fashion has come a long way and even the most frugal finds come in every color of the ever elusive Winter snowbow. For easy sophistication, try a monochrome ensemble in winter whites/creams/ivories, neutrals shades of brown, or go all black head to toe. These are the colors of the natural season and you can’t go wrong respecting Mother Nature.

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  1. The fabrics you choose for your clothing can also work towards warmth. Cashmere, wool, corduroy, polar fleece, denim, and polyesters to keep moisture out and heat in. Go for lined garments too, it makes a difference.

  2. Many a fashion faux pas has been made by going lumpy, instead of chunky. With no silhouette, you’ll look a slob. An oversized “boyfriend” cable knit pullover sweater worn with slim fitted leggings and tall boots that hug the ankles and calves gives a tailored, form fitting look and avoids potato-shape.

  1. When choosing your Winter coat, jacket, or cape, stick with thigh length or longer. Choose water and wind resistant fabrics to avoid the damp and the draft. Coats should be fully lined, and you’ll love faux fur linings. The longer the overcoat, the more dramatic the statement.

  1. Winter palette got you down? Celebrating color in your accessories can be fun, personally expressive, and go the distance in keeping your warm. Look for scarves, gloves, hats, and socks, that make a statement for your destination and remember that thick opaque tights with boots works on everyone!

You Can Be Warm and Hot!

Don’t believe in layers? Haven’t you heard that the best way to stay warm in bed is to get naked under many layers of blankets? Same thing, but you can walk around! And don’t forget, try splashes of bold color in your accessories all season.

With a few tweaks to your Fall wardrobe, you can move effortlessly into Winter without even one over-stuffed down parka in your closet. Get wintry fierce and turn that brrr into grrr – even if you have a popular dance university in sydney or any famous city around the world that you’ve attend before in the past. Winter won’t last forever!

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