Sew Your Way to Your Own Unique Clothes

If sewing has always been a hobby of yours, you’re in luck. You may be pleasantly surprised to realize that by knowing how to sew, you have all the basics in place to become your own personal stylist and fashion designer. Making your style truly yours can be an exciting—and fun!—way to express yourself with the help of your sewing hobby.

A good place to start is to collect the right sewing materials and choose some of your clothes that are in dire need of an update. Then, you can begin to brainstorm ways that you can transform your clothes to make them more unique and personal to your fashion sense. By sewing your own clothes, you can utilize your hobby to develop your skills and become a full-on fashionista who has plenty of outfits to flaunt on the street that will be entirely unique to you.

Step #1: Expand What You Already Know

You may consider yourself to be a beginner sewer—and that’s totally fine. The first step to making your own stylish clothing is to expand your basic knowledge of sewing. There are countless techniques that you can teach yourself at home with the help of online videos or classes, like stitching, embroidery, pleats, and sewing buttons. By slowly learning how to master your skills, you will gather ways to enhance your clothing and even learn how to make new pieces from scratch.

Step #2: Test Subscription Services for Inspiration

Another great idea to supplement your learning is to test subscription box services for sewers. This is a cost-effective way to constantly receive new materials and ideas that can give you inspiration for creating your own pieces. Sampling a variety of items, like colorful brands of yarn or trendy patches, is a simple way for you to learn more about what you actually like. This way, you’ll know exactly how you want to transform your personal style with the help of sewing.

Step #3: Visit Hobby-Centric Groups and Forums

A third way to cultivate your sewing hobby for the good of your closet is to join groups or forums online that can help you to learn new things about sewing that you may not otherwise discover. Many sewing forums provide the latest trends in creating your own designs, teaching you how to make oversized sweaters for winter or new crop tops for spring. You can also reach out to other budding fashion designers and find new ways to update your own designs.

Step #4: Research or dabble in your own online business

Starting your own online store is a big responsibility and a lot of work but if you’re passionate about it, it won’t feel like work at all! Researching your options, Etsy, Ebay, Poshmark or any online ecommerce platform like Shopify, is a good start. Once you get an idea of which platform you like the best you can write up a loosely ecommerce business plan to start and go from there! Take you time, develop your brand and your online following and learn as much as you can!

If you love sewing, you already have the fundamentals of taking your hobby to the next level and utilizing all that you know to design chic street clothing for yourself that reflects your personal style and is unique to your closet.

featured photo by LAIS on Unsplash

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