SF Gift Guide #1: The Force Awakens, My Stylish Inner Nerd

Are you a nerd or know a nerd who needs some sweet digs they will never tire of? How about focusing on their hobbies and interest and keeping it simple! I think the most thoughtful gifts are not the ones you tried to pick a person apart to guess, but ones you know they’ll enjoy on a childhood glee level. What makes them smile? What makes them excited? Sure, everyone wants an new iPad but everyone also get’s over it after a few weeks. Something that represents what makes them happy will keep them smiling every time they wear it, look at it or see it on their wall.

It’s a little ways til the gift giving season but I’m starting now with part one of my great gifts series. Today, STAR WARS! and what better time to give Star Wars gifts than when The Force Awakens will be in theaters soon?

I just watched all 6 existing Star Wars movies last week, one each night after work. I had seen them all before except the last 2, I’d been avoiding them like the plague since JarJar Binks ruined the first one for me. I face palmed at least 10 times during that film (Episode 1) and I never thought I could recover, but the darkness of the second one made everything ok again.

Back to the topic at hand, gifts. So, I love Star Wars (mind you not as much as Star Trek), and maybe you know someone who does as well. I never thought I could bond with a droid that looks like a trash can but R2D2 is probably my favorite character (after every single Ewok).

Star Wars Gifts

Junkfood Clothing has a bunch of exclusive Star Wars tees, most of them in a tasteful vintage style – and featuring only the best characters from the films – so you can’t go wrong if you’re not sure who someone’s favorite is. They have both men’s and women’s tops and sweatshirts, and I personally want them all! – Check out the huge collection of Junkfood Star Wars Clothing here!

They’re having a HUGE SALE just now – 40% OFF SITEWIDE – USE CODE FRIDAY40 – Good Through November 29th!

Society6.com has not only tons of star wars wall art but everything else as well, and by real working artists. Support some original art and check out some of my favorites!




Thinkgeek.com has Star Wars Memorabilia all the time, regardless of movie release extravaganza. Check out out some of their great stuff.

Never underestimate the power of the force, of an awesome gift!



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