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4th of July in New Orleans

So we’ve been on the road since October of 2009 and have been in New Orleans since March. We didn’t intent to stay so long but upgrading our travel equipment (a 73 Dodge RV to a 2000 Truck and 2006 Trailer) has cut into our funding to keep moving. Luckily we’ll be leaving again soon but the oil spill has really put a damper on our options. Today is the 4th of July and although I don’t…

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Long Distance Fashion: Mexico

2 weeks in Mexico showed me a few things, mostly good food and brightly colored signs but also some great fashion here and there. Mainly Ed Hardy and Nike at blow out prices but also a little bit of Americana hometown designers like Erhart Design showed up (thanks to me). Raul at Tepoztlan Mexico after a 2 hour hike up a mountain to a Pyramid that was closed! Scarf style Skirtish style Here’s my friend Raul…

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A blingy homage to KIDROBOT

I'm not sure how many of you out there know my obsession with Kidrobot toys but I collect Dunny's and Smorkin Labbits and over the last few years my collection has gotten to the point of needing its own shelf