Shammane Watches – Fashionable Parisian Smart Watches

A big problem with smart watches, as mentioned by the new startup, Shammane, is that they’re just not good looking watches. They’re often techie looking, hard edges, uncomfortable bands and generally eye sores – I agree, which is why I haven’t even considered getting one. That is until Shammane watches did something about it.

Shammane is a fashion smart watch company currently in its funding stages, perfect if you want to get one of the first Shammane watches on the market at a huge discount. Their watches were meticulously designed by fashion minded people, who also care about how the raw materials are sourced.

idc7owjrbd8puopvj7a4Beauty & Technology combined in a Smartwatch you will be proud to wear!

b0stnrgq0aomtaqwkkagHowever much focus on the look of the watch that they did, they didn’t forget about functionality. It’s compatible with iPhone and Android and provides all the services and features available in mainstream smart watches, and it also features a pedometer, something many watches don’t.

We’ve kept it simple – focusing on the essential features of a smartwatch:  you will be able to see a number of different notifications, like texts, calendar reminders, incoming calls and instant messages from applications installed on your smartphone.

For the healthy part, the watch has a pedometer to track your steps and efforts.

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A smartwatch is at the edge of jewelry and technology, is not a smartphone nor a computer. Its emotional dimension is much stronger, it is an object in contact with our own skin. We design our watch so it adapts to our lifestyles and wardrobes. We made it user-friendly, beautiful, pure and elegant.

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