Shop The Worlds Boutiques Without a Plane Ticket

I think we found the retail version of, and it’s exactly what we’ve been wanting to share for the last decade! Every place we love, and all the great boutiques on the streets far and wide.  Get access to interesting boutiques and artisans from around the world at They’re basically our soul mate.

Founded by a Harvard Graduate from Kirghistan, just after graduation, Shoptiques is a lovely, curated world of great style and accessories. The prices range from affordable to high end, exactly the mix I like in my closet. I picked a few of my favorite cities and found something cool from each. I think I know what’s on my Christmas list this year!

They feature clothing and accessories of all kinds, including a great collection of vegan leather shoes and purses – an often mediocre selection on most sites. Find styles unique to regions of the world you love, or have never been to. I often miss the style of clothing in Argentina, and have yet to find anything like the shoes in the US. So far, I’ve found several items from Buenos Aires, from slacks to dresses to sweaters, that I can’t keep my eyes off of.

It’s fun to just pick a city and see what the styles available are and coming up with ways to combine them or come up with new a style you didn’t know you had. Check them out and spend some time traveling the fashion world!  –

Here’s a few of my picks from some of my favorite cities:

Where: NYC
Who: Let’s Bag It
What: Vegan Leather ‘Trendy Fanny Pack’

Where: Mexico City, Mexico
What: Skull Stud
Where: Paris, France
What: Liberty Scarf
Where: London, England
Who: The Fair Shop
What: Meredith Cardigan
Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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