Sindustries – Yours Truly 2013 Collection

Yours Truly - Women's Street Wear

Yours Truly Brand is doing it ALL wrong! Women in streetwear is a dying breed, and rightfully so. Fads and trends die, but style will always remain. Owner & Creative director, Jenny Musitano continues to make moves with her brand while keeping the style consistent. If that’s not a reason to support her, perhaps being the only, all women’s streetwear brand hailing from Brooklyn is.

Founded in 2007, Yours Truly Brand continues to put Women’s Streetwear and Bushwick on the map.

The new collection, ‘Yours Truly Sindustries‘ is clean, bold, and ‘all-seeing’ eye catching, but kept classic with 5-panel hats and wide neck raglans. You can purchase everything on their webstore: //

Live and Let Live

Diamond eye - Yours Truly

Diamond Eye in Pink - Yours Truly

Yours Truly - Women's Street Wear

Pink sindustries

Black sindustries

Sindustries 5 Panel Hat

Brooklyn - Your Truly

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