Sinstar Clothing, No Sin in Looking Good

Sinstar Womens ClothingSinStar Clothing (no longer around.. )  is one of those brands that I want to own every piece of, – and put the rest on my boyfriend or gift to friends. A UK brand, Sintar just recently started carrying women’s wear and has a new collection of menswear featuring designs, printing style and theming that sets them apart from other street style brands.
Sinstar’s newest collection encompasses several themes, featuring text and images that express the beauty of life, love, sin and the human form. Sometimes expressive, lovely or just plain fashionable, their newest collection goes beyond printed images on awesome men’s tees and delves into the world of street fashion, original, unique and made for individuals.

Sinstar Clothing

In anticipation of their new line, which came out today (April 2nd) live on their website, we asked for an interview with the designers, artist and musicians, Ryan and Sam at SinStar Clothing:

SFW: How long have you had a clothing label?

Sinstar: We have owned and ran SinStar for almost two years now.

SFW: Did it start with design career or did you/all know that you wanted to get into clothing?

Sinstar: Ryan had been studying music and I had been studying animation at uni! We then formed a band and whilst on tour realised that we were both really good graphic designers. We started to design and then come up witt the idea.

SFW: Where do you get your design ideas and inspiration?

Sinstar: I suppose its all from our background of the band and touring the whole rock culture etc! We do a lot of photography and experiment with design which always comes up with new stuff and design ideas.

SFW: What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a label?

Sinstar: I would say just go get stuck in and make some decisions and make some mistakes. You only learn from them and that exactly what we did. We didn’t have a clue about clothing when we started but we’ve worked our way up and learnt along the way.

SFW: What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label?

Sinstar: I would say getting products manufactured on time and getting them right in production. When you work hard on a garment and the tinniest mistake in production can ruin it for you.

SFW: How would you define the style of your brand?

Sinstar: I would say we are rock inspired brand with trashed clothes, muted colours and unique ideas.

SFW: If were to picture a room full of people wearing your clothes, what/where would the room be?

Sinstar: I would say in a wicked club somewhere with live music and beer and whiskey. lol! Something like that!

SFW: What are some of your favorite brands/labels?

Sinstar: No tomorrow – honour over glory – Drop Dead theirs so many!

SFW: Thanks Guys!

Sinstar will be a big part of my summer travel wardrobe this summer, with my motorcycle back on the road, my new pleather biker jacket, Harley Davidson boots and Sinstar, my 2012 look will definitely be sinful and stylish biker chick.  If it wasn’t for SinStar Clothing, I’m pretty sure I’d just be wearing plain black tops and t-shirt dresses. They completely fit me. When I get some of Sinstar’s amazing stuff in the mail, there will be a photo shoot!

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