Skincare Steps for Bare-faced Beauty

Life has changed significantly ever since the green revolution started reshaping our global mindset a few years back. From the boom of the fitness industry (remember the Pound and other creative ways to stay fit?), all the way to a multitude of brands switching to a cruelty-free, vegan list of ingredients, we have truly stepped into a new era. All of these changes have affected our self-perception and have led to a new wave of minimalist beauty, where less is truly more, and we are encouraged to celebrate our natural looks instead of resorting to layers and layers of makeup.

Of course, trends always swing in many different ways, so we still have a whole range of fun, healthy makeup options, but the overall nature-centric attitude remains the same. If you’re up for revamping your beauty rituals to purify your approach, the following steps can serve as your guide towards a new, bare-faced look!

Exfoliate to rejuvenate

We’ve all been told that regular scrubs are essential to ward off the dirt buildup, but how dedicated have you truly been to this single skincare step? Now that you aim to reduce your time on makeup, this will give you the chance (and the patience) not to skip a single week in your routine, and scrubs such as Mio Skincare both for your face and your body can do wonders for your pores.

Look for ingredients that offer a deep cleanse, such as pumice grains, bamboo, or walnuts, paired with the nourishing goodness of almond oil or shea butter, both of which are pure heaven for your skin. Not to heavy and not too light, they offer just the right balance without overburdening your pores!

All-around cleansing

Since exfoliation is reserved for once or twice per week depending on your skin type and needs, you also need a detailed wash after your scrub, and stick to the plan every morning and every night before bed. If you want to pamper your pores with an antioxidant boost, then perhaps you’ll fall in love with the Acure’s Facial Cleansing Gel with acai berries and blackberries for rejuvenation, and chlorella for a silky feel.

However, don’t forget that a significant part of achieving a pure, clean complexion lies in how you treat your body inside and out. It all begins with proper hydration, ditching diet sodas (or any sodas for that matter), and cutting sugar out of your diet once and for all. Water is what your skin and body need to flush out the toxins through sweat and other bodily fluids, so don’t deprive your pores of it!

Nourish inside and out

Before we go back to skincare tips that focus on your beauty kit, remember that your body, and especially your largest organ (your skin), needs proper nourishment from the right dietary choices. A great way to boost your body’s natural detoxing ability is through making smoothies with your trusty blender such as Kitchen Aid to give your skin all the lovely nutrients from fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds!

Add to that the powerful effect of a well-chosen moisturizer, and your skin will soon begin to flourish. For example, another multi-purpose product to help with your minimalist mindset is the Booda Butter you can use for your face, but also for your entire body. Rich in jojoba oil and shea butter, it serves as a great choice for various skin types, and even a dab can be enough for your entire face.

Protect your pores

No matter where you live and how much you stay away from the sun (but who can really resist?), you should always remember to use healthy sunscreen every day! Yes, even in winter, because any amount of exposure can be potentially harmful, so there’s no need to risk it.

Devita makes the top of the list for people who like to keep their face soaked up in goodness, since you needn’t worry about any dangerous chemicals clogging your pores, and you can rest assured all the ingredients are plant-based.

Redefine beauty sleep

With this incredibly simple skincare routine, your complexion will bloom with renewed radiance and you’ll likely never feel the need to reach for that foundation ever again. However, it’s crucial to note that another lifestyle habit affects all of the above steps, much like your diet and your hydration regime.

The hours you allow your body to rest and recuperate are essential in regenerating your skin, as well. Sleepless nights lead to too much inflammation, which in turn leads to oxidative stress and plenty of damage to your wonderful pores. Prevent it all with a skin-friendly sleeping schedule, and all of your skincare efforts will be even more effective!

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