Snazzy New Used Shoes

my new shoes, originally uploaded by LostLogo.

I took a trip to Canada for New Years Eve and picked up some great clothes while I was there. Every time I go on a trip, California, Seattle or Canada (most recently), I find such amazing clothes. Portland seems so tapped out sometimes (and I do know all the places to go). I’m just not as willing as some to get up at the crack of dawn to snag all the good used stuff I guess. It’s a major plus to have things from out of town in my opinion anyway. People are always curious if its something really amazing and every time I go out someone asks where I got something I’m wearing. Sometimes it seems like the cool stuff people find here they must hide in their closets because when you see them on the street or in the bars many are wearing similar clothing, from places like american apparel or urban outfitters. When they get the guts to wear their great finds I never have a camera on me! but now I have a new digital canon that I got for xmas and can take pictures of my new clothes as well as people out and about in Portland! I really need to get into the habit of asking people for their pictures. I think it would be easier with a friend but I’ll get used to it.

These shoes were just $26 (Canadian) and in awesome shape. It’s going to be a challenge to make them sync with outfits but I’m up to it. They’re the first Adidas Ive owned , and really the first major brand shoes I’ve owned. I’ve really been into Brooklyn street fashion lately so I think these will help my find some new ways to experiment !

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