Sneaker Cake Couture Colab from Japan

Interesting news from Japan and great news for cake lovers, M CAKES, a super original Japanese cake store,  is releasing a brand new kickin’ cake design as part of a collaboration with cake designer Maestro Jumbo Meg and Ms. Sole-Pedia Lil’ Meg from

The talented team and joined forces with urban culture & fashion inspired brand [M2] for this exclusive cake couture collaboration. M2 will be releasing, the latest icing on the cake collabo-products, 3D sculpted sneaker cakes, in Spring 2011.

I’m awestruck by the detail in this shoe! If I lived in in Japan, I would definitely get one of these cakes. Such an awesome idea.
When its live this spring, you can check out the full collection at their Sole Sugar Online Store.

Sneaker Cake my M CAKE & Gummi

Other designs from their website were a fascinating Louis Vuitton chest ( I would prefer a pirates chest but the design itself is amazing).

Most of us will be looking from afar anyway but inspiration doesn’t understand oceans. If you’re into cupcakes and cakes like me, try your own sneaker shoe! If I do, I’ll post another blog for their release party!



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