So it’s earth day! What’s the earthy thing to do?

Buy nothing at all today, because consumerism is part of the reason we need an earth day. THEN. Buy Vintage tomorrow!

Vintage is one of the most earth friendly things you can buy. Not only was little to no energy used in preparing the vintage piece for resale but more than one person is using a single manufactured item rather than one item being created for each person. New items take manufacturing, employees using precious energy that could be used on helping the planet. Also other resources as far back as the painful creation of the factory it was made in (chopping trees to make room for it and to build it), possible cruelty to its workers and the harvesting of the raw materials used to make the item (cotton, minerals etc). If that item was never made, much of those resources would be here today. I know.. thats the way the world is.. but it’s never too late to change your attitude on the raw deal of a society many of us live in.

Try these vintage shops to feel a little helpful:

Boat People Vintage: //
Their eco statement: “buying vintage helps reduce your imprint on the environment because you do not encourage production of new poor quality garments. It is an eco-friendly activity that doesn’t contribute in supporting unethical sweatshops overseas or extra polluting garment factories. Yes! Dressing green is fashionable!”

Weltenbuerger Vintage: //
About their stuff: “We sell only pieces we would wear, rock or adore! Our selection consists of one-of-a-kind classic vintage (1900 – 1980’s) as well as used designer, unique fashion gems and reused vintage garments.”

Some Like it Vintage: //
Their Eco Statement:”Vintage clothing by default, is eco-friendly. Vintage is not new, but it is used clothing. At Some Like it Vintage, we are committed to our environment by stressing the importance of recycling and using little or no energy resources. Bio-degradable products are also used in our cleaning processes. ”

The Naughty Secretart Club: //
Their Eco statement: “Revamped vintage is my passion. I LOVE antique costume jewelry and collect oodles of it. I started to run across gorgeous pieces of jewelry that had been broken or perhaps just one earring that had lost it’s mate. Why let these gems go to waste when I could revamp them and combine pieces to make an all new hand made one of a kind piece of jewelry.”

AuH20: //
Their eco statement: “I make all AuH2O clothing entirely from recycled materials, such as old t-shirts, sweaters, ties, vintage slips and dresses, costumes, curtains and other unwanted fabric. AuH2O clothing is not only eco-friendly, but advertises feminist and political beliefs, with slogans such as “Reproductive Freedom Fighter” and “OBAMA” on shirts and dresses.”


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  1. Hi all,
    Why let these gems go to waste when I could revamp them and combine pieces to make an all new hand made one of a kind piece of jewelry.

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