Some Things Really are Free! Free Sunglasses and Glasses from Firmoo

I’m a huge sunglasses fan. I always have at least 5 to 6 pairs, all different styles depending on my mood or outfit, and always pretty cheap because I am so irresponsible with glasses. When I got a free pair of Sunglasses from Firmoo, I was pretty excited. My favorite pair of heart shaped sunglasses had just broke on me in the middle of a hike and I had been on the hunt for a something slightly higher quality while still being affordable. My sunglasses budget is usually about $15-$20 a pair by the way, but I always get what I pay for (which is usually garbage), and my next pair was to be higher quality and would definitely have to include a case and cleaning cloth – or I would have them scratched within a day.

The glasses I got from Firmoo are exactly that, higher quality than I usually buy yet still affordable – and they came with a great case and cleaning cloth that I use for everything, my classes, my camera, my cell phone and of course my new white sunglasses.

Firmoo Sunglasses

For your first pair free, you can get prescription glasses, sunglasses or safety glasses (goggles). Since we just spend several hundred dollars on prescription glasses and contacts from a place at the mall, I didn’t need a backup pair of glasses but it was perfect timing for a new pair of white sunglasses ( I chose these ones).

They actually fit really comfortable, always a problem for me because I apparently have a rather large head. Most sunglasses I buy, being cheap, squeeze my head and give me a terrible headache and marks on my nose. The Firmoo sunglasses fit great out of the box and don’t feel flimsy or cheaply made. The lenses are crystal clear, a rather refreshing change since my cheaper sunglasses can go from bad to “trying to squint through rusty metal” quality of clarity.

Style wise, they are different from many of the glasses I usually wear, a little larger and a little more basic but it has added a nice bit of variety to my collection and they have a nice retro quality. I’ve never owned white sunglasses before so it was not only a choice to change up my style a bit but also replace my broken glasses.

Free first pair is always a great chance to try a new style!  – get your first pair free here 


Cold yet bright day in the mountains of Arizona.


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