Some Truly Great Accessories to try this Season

coatWith the cooler months coming in it’s time to accessorise with winter fashions and cosy outfits this season. You can become swamped quickly by winter coats and jumpers, so it’s important to accessorise ingeniously to take these warm, practical outfits to the next level with styling.

The classic faux leather jacket is back with a vengeance this season, and you’ll be looking cool and chic with this outer layer. With such an emphasis on vegan clothing this year we can expect to see a lot of options when it comes to the materials used. Whether it’s real leather or not, a short and tailored jacket will take any look from zero to hero. Place it over a dress for a punk twist or wear with skinny jeans to really kick it up a notch, this accessory is so versatile that we foresee you’ll be wearing it with every outfit. Pick a jacket with larger pockets so that you can whip out your smartphone to check on the best new bingo sites in UK without breaking a sweat.

The colour on trend this season is Oxblood, a warm toned mixture of brown and red that will spice up your darker clothes. The way to wear this is with a trusty handbag, in any size from tote to luggage bag, and you’ll find this fits in well with vastly different outfit combinations. Use a range of textures in your look by swapping a canvas bag for a shiny one with overstated buckles to catch the eye. Oxblood is the perfect colour to go with autumnal and winter tones, and it’s a nice departure from the usual brown and black handbags. Great accessories deserve some mindful shopping!


If you love to rock the leopard print then you’ll be glad to know that this pattern is hot for shoes this season. Go for leopard print boots with the kind of heel that you prefer to add a daring splash of colour to your outfit. You’ll be able to find these shoes in all shapes and sizes thanks to their increasing popularity, so choose wisely and select the shoe that’s right for you.


Lastly, no look this season is complete without a necklace that stands out. Put away your delicate jewellery as it’s time to break out the largest, glittering necklaces that you can find. The winter season is always about taking drab clothes and sprucing them up and a statement necklace is your ticket to doing so.


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