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Street Style South Africa! Kgomotso

I’ve always been interested in what’s going on in South Africa. It always seems to cut off from the rest of the world, technology wise, but that’s not really true, you just have to know where to look. Like many countries far from your own, they/we have their own thing going on, their own style, own celebrities and way of life that not everyone everywhere gets to see.

That’s where I come in, when I can. I’m always looking at whatever’s going on around the world, this part of the world, I’ve seen.

I’m always keeping an eye out for South Africa Street Style but often I see nothing in the Flickr group or in blogs but I was recently contacted by an editor for the LEGiT blog, a South African style and style news online publication. LEGiT encourages women to be original, creative, smart and be their beautiful selves!  I think everyone can get behind that.

I was especially interested in the street scenes section of their blog where I could get a look at the every day style of young South Africans and was gitty to find their style as appealing at their beautiful country.

Color blocking is looking pretty serious on the streets of  Cape Town as well as neon and some daring liberties with color combinations, something I LOVE (color “rules” are for fools!).  Release your inner color creativity!

Check out some of my favorite SA street styles and check out Legitimate Fashion: //

Street Style South Africa!

Street Style South Africa! Kgomotso

Street Style South Africa! Vizi

Street Style South Africa! Mpumi

Photos courtesy of: The Publishing Partnership South Africa

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