Is Sports Luxe Becoming the New Smart?

Pick up a menswear magazine this summer and there’s one key look you won’t be able to avoid. Most trends prove to be little more than fads and become outdated before we’ve even had a chance to catch up. But there is one look set to become a firm favourite for its ease of execution. Say hello to the collision of street wear with high fashion.

Sports Luxe is firmly here to stay, filling the gap between your humble wardrobe staples and couture tailoring. Unlike most fads, the sports luxe trend has seen a steady progression since 2015, making it a viable addition to every fashion-forward wardrobe. Sportswear is no longer the realm of athletic brands, as more and more designer brands have jumped aboard the trend.

Some worry that it’s a difficult trend to tame, as a step too far in the wrong direction can transform an outfit from composed to confused. But there are a few key pieces that will allow you to introduce this look into your smart casual wardrobe with ease.


The pinnacle statement piece of the sports luxe wardrobe is the updated joggers. While this staple gym wear piece was once reserved for the misspent youth and lazy lay about, it is now transforming into a comfortable, high fashion alternative to trousers. We’re not talking about pulling on any old over worn pair of joggers, your baggy gym clothes have no place in the office.

The sports luxe trend calls for a tailored pair of joggers in a high-quality fabric – and these are now prevalent thanks to input from the big brands. Big hitters including Reiss, Valentino and Antony Morato are paving the way for an injection of causal energy into men’s formal wear. Paired with the right pair of shoes, a simple pair of joggers can suddenly be a high fashion and luxe option.

The prevalence of gym culture has paved the way for sportswear to become part of the formal, everyday wardrobe. It’s not just about a more structured pair of joggers, this trend goes further than updated mens tracksuits. Complete the look with a blazer, shirt, jumper or t-shirt crafted from the same high-quality and fashion-forward structures. Bonus points if you can find designers working with eco or sustainable fabrics! While the mixture of joggers and a blazer might seem unusual and even unwise, the look has now become socially acceptable. More than that, it’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to achieve, making it an easy addition to anyone’s smart casual wardrobe.

Luxe Hoodie by Good For Nothing
Luxe Hoodie by Good For Nothing

The beauty of this trend is that is it easy to achieve the look with a few small adjustments, resulting in a strong statement. More than ever before, men have more options in terms of smart casual wear, allowing the adventurous dresser to try brave new avenues of style. For the fashion-forward and fearless, sports luxe is quickly becoming an effortless trend. Be brave and fearless this season – we’re sure sports luxe is the look you’ve been waiting for.

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