Spring is Everywhere: Splash, Color Block and Bloom

Even though we have a whole month until Spring officially begins, It’s becoming more and more clear that colorful splashes, bright color blocking and random mis-matched outfits are going to be playing a major part in the Spring 2013 scene.

Although neons have played a major part in the last couple years for some of us, this spring anything goes, and naturally bright colors like reds, blues, greens and yellows don’t need the extra burst of neon to make a statement.

For years I’ve been saying for years that matching your clothes is generally over rated. All you really need to do is coordinate your colors in one way or another, balance is the key to pulling just about anything off.

AAU Fashion Week 2010
By DOPE/Vintage

Let color inspire you and move you to try new things this spring!

Fashion Week 2013

By TamedYoungMind


By Just a guy who likes to take picturesJonne Kingma

The Walls Have Eyes Too
By Smith-Bob

Colorful Decora Style, Harajuku
By tokyofashion

New York Fashion Week AW13: Day 5

By Ella-LaPetiteAnglaise

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