Spring Streetwear 2012 – Classics + Street Fashion

Guest Blogger: Timothy k. New and old styles are out this Spring, from traditional streetwear to the timlessly functional. There is no expirey date for Adidas Classics or hoodies and there never will be, but every year, designers are put to the test to make the old come alive. Carhartt JeansSeveral companies have taken on a new market, targeting streetwear and urban style, creating new classics and staples for everyone wardrobe. For men, Carhartt Jeans are a new brand taking on the street, modernizing and streamlining. A company formerly known for making only work wear, Carhartt has been slowly transitioning into more fashionable and casual options for men. In the 90s, hardcore kids started wearing Carhartt work pants on a daily basis but the pants were heavy, thick,  unyielding and hard to break in, no longer an issue. Carhartt is an old company offering new styles but their name and design will always go well with the classics. Adidas classics have always been a favorite of mine for men and women and make great casual shoes, and can double as a statement about your great classic taste. Likewise, Shoes by Lacoste has a huge variety that holds true to classic Lacoste styles, Maybe not as old as Classic Adidas but not everyone likes the 70s era of street shoes.  Anytime you buy sneakers online, you have to be wary of the size and return policy. I would much rather buy online than spent time at a mall or fighting over popular styles in my size so try and get an idea how each brand fits your feet before ordering. If you’ve ever ordered the wrong size, you know what a pain returns can be.. at least the wait. adidas-seeley-sneakers-cardinal-black-running-white-64629Many streetwear and lifestyle brands come out with the same types of clothes every year, but with new art, patterns and logos. Inspired by either current events , trends in design or just personal style, both men’s and women’s streetwear is often like a collectible piece in itself. This differentiates itself from typical casual clothing because of its originality and fashion mortality. “There will never be another piece like this” you can say, and be right. After each seasons line is out, that is in most cases the last printing and the company will move on to their next inspired collection – whereas Adidas, Carhartt and Locoste, as classics can be expected to stay relatively the same with the occasional “Adidas Originals” type collection, new technologies added to sports shoes or a slow evolution from one style to the next. That’s why so many companies become known as being the staple of an outfit, something you love for its comfort and familiarity, while accessorizing it with streetwear companies that give your overall ensemble an originality. Women’s streetwear is generally the same except that women generally have a larger variety of options, like skirts and dresses of different cuts and lengths, Shorts for women come in many more lengths and colors as well, while men’s shorts generally stay around board short length unless they’re going jogging. So it’s no wonder than women’s street fashion is the real focus of most websites. Men have hoodies, tees, shirts, shorts and pants and women have about 50 other things we’ve never heard of. Shoes as well come in a much larger variety than mens but luckily for me, where I shop has about the largest selection for both men and women, in classic brands and streetstyle brands to make buying stuff I like easy without even leaving the house with my shop-happy girlfriend.  If you like classics, variety, originality and great brands (and new ones) – Check out Def-Shop   Fashion Week ready to wear SS 2012 , September 2011-Semaine de la Mode , prêt à porter, printemps été 2012 ,Septembre 2011 By F.B.O. Farid Bernat-Ortells Fashion Week ready to wear SS 2012 , September 2011-Semaine de la Mode , prêt à porter, printemps été 2012 ,Septembre 2011 By F.B.O. Farid Bernat-Ortells

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