Sprung over Spring

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for spring! It was a long winter here in Portland then finally some flowers started blooming in March, but because it is Portland, it just rained and was about 40 (5c) every day. If I cant go out in the sun without a coat, its not spring. I went to Spokane for a week (eastern Washington) and it was even less spring there. Piles of snow were still unmelted in the shadows and the average temperature was 40 “feels like 33 (1c)” with occasional rain – and NO flowers.

My dreams came true today, if only for today, and its going to be 70   (21C) degrees! And theres flowers everywhere!!

The group is also showing signs of spring, even though many places are warm already, the rest of us – after a long winter wait, are rubbing off on everyone   I think.



ver secuencia de fotos Cargado el 1 de abril, 2009
por D. Anne

Finally spring!!


shades | Giantvintage.com
shirt | H&M
jeans | H&M
shoes | Puma

Groomy Roses

Groomy Roses

ver secuencia de fotos Cargado el 30 de marzo, 2009
por boboniaa

* vintage prints top from Jatujak weekend market
* midnight harem pants from Union Mall
* vintage green belt ‘The Old Story’
* emerald green high pumps ‘Victoria’s Closet’

white black and green

2009-03-30 white black and green

ver secuencia de fotos Cargado el 5 de abril, 2009
por Kasmeneo
cap, shirt, skirt, socks – C&A
green and black vest – Bon Prix
shoes – Birkenstock

Ride yer Bike!


In Decathlon, with my new bike (right before we took it home)

Outfit run-down:
Top: made it myself
Bag: H&M
Belt: Veritas
Skirt: made it myself
Nylons: American Apparel
Boots: Schuh

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