Steampunk in the Netherlands, Photo for 6/21 2010

Steampunk in the Netherlands

steampunk outfit
Hat: Disneyland Resort Paris
Googles: customised welding goggles
Shrug: made it myself
Longsleeve: made it myself
Hip bag: Eastpak
Belt: Moda
Flower pins: hairclips from H&M
Mini skirt: made it myself
Garter belt: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Thights: Hema
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Boots: Kickers
Umbrella: Edwardian/pagoda umbrella/parasol by Lisbeth Dahl

Copyright 2010 Manuel Guerry (photography) and Hilde Heyvaert (design).
All rights reserved.

I’ve really been getting into Steampunk lately. For a while I thought it was a little contrived, like the basement vampire kids, and I’ll never really “choose” or “belong to” a scene (I just can’t commit and don’t really care – just about indie fashion in general) but Steampunk has some elements that appeal to me because of other interests I have like Science fiction, creative antique technologies (real and made up) and Victorian style in general. I started making jewelry, a little less busy and garish than some of the Steampunk jewelry Ive seen (a good thing to me at least). I’ll probably be selling it soon on etsy! Among other jewelry and crafts I’ve been busy with. Horray!

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