Step Up Your Wellness Routine

Almost everybody is into collagen, essential oil, skin care or any wellness fad that hits the market. Whether you are into cauliflower rice or hot yoga, the effort you put into yourself for a healthy physical and mental state is a proof that our wellness routine is not just a fad. Working on achieving our best, our healthiest, our happiest self is a lifestyle. 

Here to offer a wide range of benefits, let us all welcome the newest beauty and wellness buzzword – CBD. 

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural occurring compound from cannabis and hemp plants. Contrary to initial thinking, CBD even if it comes from cannabis plants could not make you high. It does not contain the psychoactive effects of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

It is loved by many due to its capacity to reduce inflammation, curb anxiety and mood, aid in sleep disorders, and even fight off acne. While it may appear that it is just a fast fad, a too good to be true product – CBD seems here to stay. More and more companies are investing in this industry. In the next 2 years, the CBD industry is estimated to be around $2 billion in market share. 

Welcoming CBD into Your Wellness Routine

CBD + Workout 

CBD can be taken during or after exercising. It calms down the nerves and reduces pressure on the veins. CBD could also help in reducing stress and exercise fatigue. There are also CBD infused clothing that could help your body absorb cannabidiol capsules as you do your routines. 

Here are some ways you could use CBD in your workout routine: 

  • Drop some CBD oil tinctures in your protein shake 
  • Apply topical cream on your sore muscles
  • Use CBD infused activewear

CBD + Sleep 

CBD can help reduce your anxiety and curb depression. It allows your mind and body to relax. Cannabidiol is also known to encourage production of melatonin.

Here are some ways to you could include CBD in your wellness routine: 

  • Apply some drops under your tongue for quick absorption of the body 
  • Take some edibles before bedtime 
  • Use CBD infused sleepwear
  • Massage some CBD infused lotion and oil on your body

CBD + Nutrition 

Among the many health benefits of CBD is its brain boosting antioxidant effect and anti-inflammatory role all throughout the body. Here are some ways to incorporate CBD to your wellness routine:

  • Add CBD capsule or gummies in your daily vitamin intake 
  • Include some CBD droplets in your dinner or breakfast meals

About Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries is a company that offers different pure CBD products made out of high quality broad spectrum sourced from a family-owned Colorado farm. It got its name from that feeling of dread you usually have every Sunday night when you realize that the weekend is over and Monday will soon be here. 

State approved hemp farms in Colorado produce only the best crops since they are required to grow in a pesticide-free environment. 

You can only expect the best and purest form from seed to oil. Check out the whole lineup of Sunday Scaries products! Step up your wellness routine with Sunday Scaries.

Author profile: Heather Smith is the Communications Manager at Sunday Scaries. She’s a composed copywriter and content strategist. She’s also a CBD advocate, promoting a healthy lifestyle free of stress and scaries.

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