Stevieboi found the future

Somewhere between the invention of the rocket bra and the self drying jacket in Back to the Future, we lost sight of the importance of future forward fashion. Sure we have iPhones and robots on mars but as soon as we figured we could just pretend people in the future wore different clothing than ‘today’, we stopped working towards it in reality. “Future people” became something we were no longer responsible for, but really, that’s us dammit! WE are supposed to dress like Mad Max or Blade Runner! And to quote Futurama, “Welcome to the land of tomorrow!”. Maybe adding variations to our outfits, beyond the last 30 years of the same basic things in different colors and layers, we could start doing this future thing? just a little?

Here’s a start! Meet Stevie Boi. Sporting his own independent label, artist Steven C. Strawder has been exceeding the expectations of the present and future with his innovative art sunglasses and frames.  Each piece is handmade with an obvious dedication to pushing the boundaries of fashion as we know it.   Are they anti-radiation? I don’t know. But it would be worth finding out to be the only one sporting a pair with my new 80s Reebok’s. An true 80s ‘future’. … hmm, I can live with that.




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