Do We Still Have The Skills To Make Our Own Clothes In 2018?

Street fashion is original, unique and personal and expresses your own personality without being defined by the fashion industry. What better way to achieve this than to design and make your own street fashion from scratch?  Making your own clothes gives you complete freedom to express yourself whilst knowing that your clothing has been ethically sourced but in 2018 do we still have the skills to make our own clothes?

Sew Your Own, a Lost Skill?

At the turn of the 19th century most American women knew how to sew. During the 40s and the 50s, teenage girls were offered the ‘Singer Teen-Age Sewing’ course which contributed to DIY sewing reaching its high point in 1958. However, the 1970s saw a steep decline in people making their own clothes as working women spent their valuable leisure time shopping in preference to making their own clothes and the skill of sewing started to become lost. Moreover, by the 1980s, the cost of sewing a garment at home was higher than purchasing a ready-made garment.  However, recently home sewing has experienced a resurgence, especially among professionals who want to guarantee originality, quality and fit whilst knowing where their clothing has come from.

Equipment And Training

In order to get started, a sewing machine is highly recommended. Many American families have an old sewing machine stored out of sight so it is worth asking family and friends. If you decide to purchase one, choosing a sewing machine can be overwhelming and it is worth taking time to find a sewing machine you can afford. If making something from scratch seems too daunting, then patterns are available to purchase or download. Fabric, scissors, pins and a tape measure are also necessary items and can be sourced online or locally. To learn the basics of sewing or to get a refresher on rusty skills then look up local classes or groups to get you started.

Making Clothing With A Heart

Once you have some equipment and have mastered basic sewing skills, it is time to start expressing your own original style through your creations.  Homemade garments are full of emotion and heart and this can be seen in the final outfit. Making your own clothes may not be cheaper in the long run but the end result will be a truly unique and ethical garment.

Photo by LAIS on Unsplash

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