Street Style Inspiration From Around The World

In every city across the globe, streetwear will have its own totally unique look and style. From the cobbled streets of Stockholm to the metropolitan city of Seoul, individual cultures, trends and styles all play a huge role in what streetwear and street style is. 

From different shapes and colours to unique silhouettes and accessories, what was once considered a fairly simple and straightforward trend has grown massively. Let’s take a look at some of the street style inspiration from around the world, plus delve deeper into what streetwear is. 

What Is Streetwear? 

What was once considered a simple trend of jeans, baggy tees and sneakers, streetwear has had a huge makeover from its hip hop and skate-culture roots in New York and California to where it is today. It now encompasses high fashion and haute culture all over the world. Streetwear differs in every part of the world and, although the general theme remains the same, its execution from city to city is hugely unique. 

South Korea

K-Pop plays a huge role when it comes to fashion influence in South Korea, most notably in streetwear. Young adults are using their clothing choices as a way of demonstrating their freedom and showing off their individuality. Korean streetwear is an eclectic mix of hip hop and punk culture, with a combination of combat boots and leather jackets, as well as piercings and baggy tees and sweatshirts. What is typically seen as an act of “rebellion” in other countries, these pieces are used to enhance outfits and are purely for visual appeal. 


Streetwear in Paris is very much influenced by trends in the US. French rappers, who are very much inspired by the hip hop movement State-side, have had a huge impact on streetwear in France. The market for streetwear in France focuses very heavily on sustainability and there is huge awareness, more so than most other countries, amongst the younger generation who want to make a change with their fashion choices. As a result, the streetwear trends in France is very much focused on sustainability and open-mindedness. 


Much like across the rest of the UK, streetwear in London is a mixture of hip-hop and skate culture. Core fashion pieces include printed, baggy tees, bold colours and patterns and distressed jackets or hoodies. For women, one piece is usually worn as a statement piece, for example, womens crop tops paired with loose fit jeans, a large coat and designer bag, with either boots or trainers.  


With a cooler climate and a sea-front location, the streetwear styles in Copenhagen typically focus on layers and warmth. Elegant knitwear and understated classic pieces, such as blazers and trainers, are paired with simple jeans or more stylish tailored trousers and designer bags. When it comes to streetwear, Copenhagen is certainly leading the way with a stylish mix of style and comfort!


In this fashion-conscious city, streetwear isn’t a trend like that seen in other cities around the world. Instead, it focuses on turning heads and bold colours and styles. With luxurious fabrics, designer accessories and feminine, well-tailored silhouettes, Milan is certainly unique with its approach to the typically casual streetwear trend. 

Who Influences Streetwear Trends?

Exactly who influences streetwear trends depends entirely on the individual country. In the UK and USA, rappers including Kanye West and Travis Scott, as well as various models and athletes, help to shape the streetwear trend, whilst in Paris, most of the focus is on sustainability. Although streetwear was hailed from hip hop and skate cultures, subcultures in each country help to shape and develop streetwear into what it is – a unique style with no rules.

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