Street Style Tips For Your Trip To London

London is one of the biggest fashion capitals of Europe, if not the world, so we understand that you’ll want to focus on your fashion when you’re visiting London. We’re here with some tips to help you along the way, to make sure that for different occasions you know the best ways to dress! London is such a fantastic city no matter what you decide to wear, so get ready to have the time of your life in this wonderful city. 

Layer Up

No matter your sense of style, one of the best tips we can give you is to layer up! The weather can change so quickly in London, from sunny to chilly within minutes, so we always advise layering and then you can take away/add back on throughout the day. Things like thin sweaters work really well, and even if it looks really sunny in the morning, don’t be fooled! Or, you could start the day wearing a hoodie and then tie it round your waist if it gets a bit warmer. 

If you want to go for a bit of a dressier look, we love to combine a longer cardigan with an overcoat, as this provides a really nice layered look that also keeps you nice and warm! In the summer months, it does get warmer, so a cardigan on its own should suffice most days as your spare layer!

Your Street Style

Now moving onto your actual outfits! When it comes to the daytime, we love a smart casual look for London. Start with a smart casual trouser like a pair of jeans, chinos or wide leg trousers, then add something like an oversized shirt, a nice jumper or something similar, then add some cute accessories and a dressier jacket. Make sure to pack an umbrella just in case, as the weather can quickly turn! Add some comfy boots, as you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking so will want to be able to stay on your feet all day. 

Moving into the evening, you don’t need to really dress up. Maybe swap out your more casual top for something dressier and then change up your shoes slightly, or carry on from day to night as most places don’t have a strict dress code at all. The exception is if you’re heading to Mayfair or somewhere super posh, so just make sure to check dress codes if you are going somewhere fancy. Some places in this area require specific things, plus if you’re going to drive and look for Knightsbridge parking, you can go all out with the big heels! 

Be Yourself! 

We’ve made all of this sound pretty basic, but of course make sure to incorporate your own sense of style however you want to! This might be bright colours, dungarees, fancy heels, whatever you want! We’re just here to give you an idea of what to wear, but as one of the world’s fashion capitals, we guarantee that no matter how out-there you go with your outfit choice, there will be someone out there who goes a step further. So, if you want to use this as an opportunity to really show off your style, there is no better place to do it.

Featured photo Photo by Dominika Gregušová

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