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The only thing we possibly love more than the runways is the street style section, and there’s a fine reason for that. Models get to wear the most outrageous couture that a mere mortal could never pull off in real life. Contrary to them, the fashionistas that frequent the show are actually ‘real’ people with great and innovative taste. As such, they are able to provide us with endless style inspiration with outfits one can actually rock in real life, whether to the office, a special event or just a plain ol’ regular and casual day. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to handpick some of the best looks from the fashion capitals, looks that you will be able to not only admire but emulate with ease and look stunning – like a true real-life fashion icon.



The variety of animal prints is simply astonishing, but they aren’t all created equal. There are always garments that are made to look classier and more posh while still retaining a huge dose of playfulness. A frilly over-the-knee leopard print dress is absolutely perfect, especially when the print isn’t as conspicuous. The concrete jungle deserves a dress of this kind, as it’s one that can be rocked by women of almost all ages. It makes for a perfect date night outfit, especially if you accessorize properly. A cool belt and a see-through handbag are the perfect choice – as proven by this look, so we suggest you go scouting for that subdued and classy print that will have your date’s jaw dropping.



There is always a way to adorn yourself in all the latest trendy items and look absolutely spectacular. One fine example of that is this chic Milan fashionista who has managed to combine a simple ivory dress – shades of white are huge right now – with a trendy beaded bag, killer specs and a pair of structured statement earrings. The best part about this look – you can grab all the elements to create it with just a few clicks of a button. Since all of the items are trending, you can get amazing sunglasses online, as well as earrings, a white dress and even the now iconic bag. Just sit, browse, and wait for your look to arrive in the mail.



This season, a power suit is a definite must have for all the lady bosses out there. Now, the trend has no intention of fading away anytime soon, so you might as well jump on board and snag a suit of your choosing. Since chillier days are already here and velvet has made a huge comeback, our perfect suggestion is this millennial pink velvet suit. Pair it with the fan-favorite white ankle boots, a tote in perhaps beige or even red for a stronger statement, and you’re ready to conquer the boardroom. An oversized one gives you that extra dose of nonchalance and movements, and it simply looks cooler than the fitted one, but we’ll leave the choice of cut up to you.



Certain colors and hues simply have an air of luxury to them. Such is the case with emerald green, whether vivid or deep. Now, whether a perfect stylish office look is what you’re going for or you just want to look effortlessly spectacular on any day of the week, a pleated emerald skirt and powerful satin boots will make that happen. A murky floral blouse is the perfect way to add a little more playfulness to the look, but what really seals the deal is a designer bag. It is the ultimate sign of luxury and, of course, a love letter to your favorite high-end brand. Investing in a great designer bag is never a bad idea. It will last you for years and it never becomes outdated. Over time, its value increases as it doesn’t become old – it becomes vintage. From young professionals to simply chic and classy ladies, this is a look that will never go out of style.




Pleather and Leather dresses have always had a vamp vibe to them, and while some of them can be debatable in terms of classiness, if you choose the right one, you can be the classy vamp goddess of fall. Most importantly, you’ll always have a killer dress in your arsenal, one that’s ready for a formal event, a party or just a day when you want to give yourself that style and confidence boost. If you choose a lovely, fall-appropriate burgundy dress with long sleeves and a high collar – you have it in the bag. As this fashionista, you can take it a step further and make the look even more interesting by pulling off the socks with pumps trend or going simple with black tights. The choice of bag will vary depending on the occasion, but a dress like this will always be in the spotlight.

Each of these looks is more alluring than the previous one, so while we can’t tell you which ones to emulate – this will have to be a judgement call, we have a sneaking suspicion that, over time, you’ll snag all of them.

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