Streetstyle by Stella: Street Fashion From Amsterdam to São Paulo

Traveling the world snapping shots of awesome outfits is many people’s dream job and Stella Alves has it!
We set up an interview with the travel savy blogger/photographer and picked some of our favorite shots from her site!
Honing in on your own personal style can be greatly influenced just by looking at a few pics and if you want to keep your style fresh and ever evolving, blogs like Streetstyle by Stella is one of the best places to do so!

SF: What got you into fashion in the first place?

Stella: I’m working as a professional photographer for 15 years and I’ve started with journalism photos. However, fashion has always been in my life because I’ve worked with fashion photos as well.
Then, 4 years ago I’ve decided to specialized in street style due to the fact that fashion is present in my life every time and it is something that fascinates me. Moreover, I’ve faced very good opportunities in this market in Germany and Brazil.

SF: What made you decide to start blogging and what do you love and dislike about it?

Stella: The idea about the blog has started because nowadays internet is present in our lives. So, I’ve decided to create the blog to improve the communication with my clients making it more dynamic and objective. Moreover, the blog provides them the possibility to choose the photo that fits better to their needs on time. That’s a fantastic experience and a good way of working.

The things that I like the most are the be in contact with people all the time and I like to observe the different ways of dressing in different cities. The blog inspires to me the way I get dressed, I have lots of ideas that I get from there.
About things that I dislike, until now there is nothing that I don’t like.

SF: What is your personal style ?- describe your favorite outfit.
Stella: My style is close to Cool and my favorite stylist is Jil Sander

SF: What are a few of your favorite independent (non magazine or company) street fashion sites?

Stella: Lee Oliveira from Australia and Easy Fashion Paris

SF: What city do you consider the most stylish?
Stella: The first city is Paris and the second one I believe it is Copenhagen.
Another place that I admire the fashion is Tokyo which is in my plans going to visit, I think its fashion very interesting.

Since we are on such a big Street Fashion Amsterdam Kick this week I thought it only appropriate that we showcase some of Stella’s work from Amsterdam and Brazil, where Stella is from.

Amsterdam Street Fashion:

Street Fashion Amsterdam

Street Fashion Amsterdam

Street Fashion AmsterdamStreet Fashion AmsterdamStreet Fashion Amsterdam


Street Fashion São Paulo:

Street Fashion Sao Paulo

Street Fashion Sao Paulo

Street Fashion Sao Paulo

Visit Streetstyle by Stella

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