Featured Blog: Style Fever – Swedish Street Fashion

Style Fever - Sweden

Style Fever is a Swedish blog with a unique street view of many fascinating Swedish trend setters. Blog editor, Sara Abdollahi, has a passion for photography and style, without the influence of trend itself, which to me is what defines a street fashion photographer.

Her awesome captures of people about their daily business in the city, or on the back streets of Stockholm, show an attention to detail and appreciation for the effort each subject puts into their awesome outfits.

Her subjects range from outrageous to street savvy business chic, and everything in between. I found the trend of american-centric pieces the most interested, fringe, native american patterns, acid wash, awesome.

She has a huge collection for all of you to check out at Style Fever, so give it a peek!

Also, check out our Stockholm Street Fashion page for more local blogs, places to shop, in person and online!


Downtown Stockholm

Photos by:  Sara Abdollahi

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