How To Up Your Style Game: Accessorizing

It’s not hard to accessorize your outfits – you just need to know where to look, what to do and how to do it. There are so many choices of style to go for, and searching for influences is becoming easier and easier thanks to the internet. It’s not so much stealing a person’s fashion, but instead magpieing ideas for your own benefit. As the saying goes, imitation is the best form of flattery – and why try and reinvent the wheel? If you know something looks good and will suit what you’re going for, wear it.


There’s an abundance of jewellery to choose from that can really add the finishing touch to any outfit that you have chosen. Biker rings are coming back into fashion, and you don’t have to go for the full Hell’s Angel look to be able to pull them off. They’re just enough to add an edge onto whatever look you’re going for. Remember that jewellery doesn’t have to be metal, and there are so many hemp bracelets and woven necklaces you can go for if that’s more your style. Or go bare – many a man has done it before and still does. You don’t need it to define you, but for those who like to dabble in this accessory, switch it up a bit and see how you like it.


Apparently, what we do with our hair can say a lot about us. If we choose to leave it and see how it goes throughout the day, this can indicate that we’re more relaxed about our appearance and a kind of happy-go-lucky type of person. The more product we use on our hair, and the more styled it is, the more we are saying about how much time we spend in front of the mirror every day getting ready for what’s ahead of us. The truth is, we can do what we want to our hair if we can’t decide what we’re doing outfit wise and let it speak for us. Don’t forget facial hair, either – there’s a lot that a good beard can disguise and take the eyes off … just make sure you’re keeping it well maintained.

Other Accessories

There are a plethora of other items that we can add to our outfits to just give it that extra punch that we need. Neckties can be one – so often we wear shirts without a tie to add a little bit more. Neck Scarves can add another dynamic to the mix, whereas complementing our outfits with a bag – either a backpack or satchel – can also do a lot for what we’re trying to achieve fashion-wise. The best thing to do is think about what is practical for you over what is stylish. Those who end up being uncomfortable often end up looking uncomfortable to add to it; take away this unwanted element by keeping it as real to yourself as you can so you can pull off any look and any accessory that you want to.


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