Styling Modest Fashion in The Heat – Your Guide To a Modest Summer

Summer 2024 is finally here and we are so glad to see her arrival. With this comes the age-old question for modest girls. How can I look great and stay cool whilst staying modest in this heat? The answer is fairly simple, but if you are looking for some inspiration we’ve got you covered.

Modest fashion is the epitome of elegance, but it can be difficult to battle the scorching heat all while looking out together. In this blog, we will share some of our modest fashion secrets for styling and slaying this summer. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Stick to lighter colours

If it’s not obvious, you should stick to lighter colours if you want to fend off the heat and stay as cool as possible. Darker colours conduct heat, as opposed to lighter colours that reflect the heat. So, how to stock up on lighter colours whilst not being basic? Take an abaya for example, pastel shades in blue, green and pink are the go-to colours for this summer, and you are certainly missing out if you haven’t got one yourself yet! You can’t go wrong with the classic neutral sand colours, but mixing up your textures is where that extra elegant touch will come into play. We will delve into this more at a later point.

Choose lightweight materials 

Lightweight materials will also be your secret weapon for looking put together, whilst fending off the heat this summer. Here are some of the materials to look out for when choosing the right modest pieces for you:

  • Cotton 
  • Linen
  • Nidha
  • Jersey 
  • Chiffon 

If you find a cute hijab with any of these materials, you are guaranteed a put-together look that keeps you cool.

Breathable trousers are your best friend 

Summer skirts and dresses are great, but sometimes all you need is a pair of oversized, linen trousers to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. Paired with a nice white shirt is a modest summer essential look. Seriously, have linen trousers ever made you feel like you needed to dive into an ocean to cool down? I don’t think so. They are such a staple piece to throw on and put an outfit together with. We are simply obsessed.

Add show-stopping accessories

Take a simple, all-white look with your white shirt and matching linen trousers. Pretty boring right? It is time to make use of those accessories you have kept locked away during the winter months for looking too flashy. Big, colourful accessories are the best addition to any summer look. Think oversized gold drop earrings or a multicoloured beaded necklace to add a pop of colour to the look. Of course, a summer bag is needed, so opt for a woven beach bag to fit all of your essentials into.

Expand your footwear collection 

Footwear can make or break a great summer’s day out. A handy pair of trainers might prevent blisters, but your feet will be gasping for air in the extreme heat. Find yourself a reliable pair of sandals that will not give you foot sores, and also have some notable detailing to show your fashionable attention to detail.

Mix up your prints and embellishments 

A variety of prints and detailing on your modest looks are what will set you apart from the other modest looks. Take a simple Nida fabric abaya for example. Combine this with hand-stitched detailed designs across the dress, and you will simply look like a movie star. Or, floral prints always look gorgeous, especially when matched to your skin tone. If you prefer subtle detailing, you can always opt for sleeve embellishment for that simple yet gorgeous addition.

Bottom line

It can take some time to build the ideal modest wardrobe, but with the right vision in mind, you will have an endless supply of summer looks to choose from. Keep lightweight breathable fabrics in mind, and also stick to lighter shades to embrace the summer vibes

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