Stylish Men Always Do These Things

Although all men definitely don’t have the same style, you will usually notice that they do the same things. They develop habits that allow them to remain as stylish as possible, whatever the weather. Knowing what these things are will help you to become more stylish yourself.

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They Invest In Quality, Timeless Pieces

Following trends is ok from time to time if you love it, but there’s a time and a place. You should never follow every single trend you come across, just because it’s in trend. Be unique. Pay attention to high quality pieces, and pieces that will no doubt always be in style. These classics can see you through many years, and will be a much better investment than following trends.


You don’t have to buy trench coats and things just because they are labelled ‘classics’ though. You can buy anything you like as long as it’s high quality, and you’re buying it purely because you love it and know you’ll wear it. Avoid trends unless one is truly calling out to you.


They Know How Important It Is To Focus On Silhouette

Clothes must be cut correctly and fit you properly, or they’ll just look plain wrong. Even the most expensive suit can look awful when it’s the wrong shape for a person. Make sure your clothes suit your shape, and that you focus on having a strong silhouette, especially for formal events. For instance, suits should be nipped in at the waist to avoid that ‘just going to court’ look.


They Understand The Importance Of Quality Fabrics

Some qualities last and feel much better than others. Investing in the fabrics that are made to last will be much better than going for throw away fashion. This isn’t to say everything you buy must be ridiculously expensive; just that you should be smart about what you invest your money on. A thin fabric is going to wear out much faster than something that is heavy, and clearly well made. Keep an eye out for great fabrics and you’ll notice the difference. What could be better than feeling like you’re wearing luxurious garments too?


They Put Outfits Together In Advance

If you have a formal occasion or something to go to the next day, getting prepared in advance by putting your outfits together is important. You’ll look far more polished this way. No stylish man throws their outfit together haphazardly, even if they look effortlessly cool. Looking effortlessly cool actually takes a little effort. If you haven’t got time for this sort of thing, there are services you can look into where you can get men’s clothing that’s in style. You won’t need to think about anything at all then. You could also potentially ask somebody else, like a partner you trust to help you.


They Buy Great Shoes

It isn’t exactly true that women look at a man’s shoes first. They could look at anything; from their smile to their watch. However, buying great shoes will always give your outfit that extra something special. You should also make sure you store and maintain your shoes correctly. If you do this, they will serve you well and always look brand new. Buy special cleaner for the material that they are, and don’t allow them to look too worn. You don’t have to wear brogues every day; even trainers can be high quality. Just take care of them.


They Have An Amazing Tailor

You can buy great pieces from stores, but this doesn’t always mean that they’ll fit you properly. You need to make sure you have a great tailor that you can trust to help you when you have an item that needs adjusting. It’s always worth taking something to a tailor if you love it on the hanger but not necessarily on yourself.

They Enjoy Dressing And Experimenting

Stylish men weren’t born stylish. They’ve had plenty of practice putting different outfits together, mainly because they enjoy the process. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a man enjoying clothes and figuring out what works for him. If you truly don’t like it, then you can probably stop wishing you were stylish. You’ll look so much better when you actually enjoy dressing and what you’re wearing.


Have you been doing these things, or are you going to start in the hopes that you’ll look more stylish from now on? Make sure you leave your own style tips, ideas, and thoughts below. Come back soon!

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