Stylish Tops Perfect for Aussie’s Summer Style

Showcasing equal measures of chic urbanity and breezy chill, Australian style is in a class all its own. It’s a fine balance, but one that Aussie designers and fashionistas seem to be able to pull off. While the look may appear effortless — and though it is undeniably easy to wear — knowing how, exactly, to achieve this look takes a little finesse, and a little practice. It takes a little know-how, and that’s what you’ll find here.


Top it Up!


One of the easiest ways to embrace Aussie summer style is by finding the right tops. Paired with a classic pair of cut offs or a skirt or capris, a signature Aussie style top can work wonders to help you emit the unmistakable breed of surfside cool and urban chic that defines the warm weather fashion of Oz.


Here’s what to look for:


Beach Breezy, with Urban Edge

Look for any shirt you could wear walking the boardwalk and then look for sleek and stylish embellishments that add a little edge to your look, like this designer top from Cooper St. The cut-out enhancement on this top adds strict geometry to an otherwise loose and feminine design  — and the results are breathtaking.


Loose, Yet Structured



This is another element of signature summer Aussie style: the ability to emit a carefree and conscientious air. It’s a rare balance, but one you can achieve with the right top. Aim for a looser fit, combined with clean lines. A billowing tank top with a crisp V neck, for instance, showcases both the easy, breezy fit and the structured design.


Whimsical Confidence

Here’s another paradox to master: the ability to combine whimsy with confidence. Romance with unrelenting boldness. Think floral prints or fanciful design adoring a high-necked power blouse.


Again, these all tops embody summertime in the land of Oz because they are a sartorial amalgamation of the country’s wild and wondrous natural and urban landscapes.

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