Summer Essentials To Give You The Ultimate Look This Year

Summer is well on its way so if you are anything like me then you will be looking through your wardrobe, getting organised, and planning out your summer wardrobe and essentials for the next few months ahead. But what are going to be the key looks this year? Trends seem to be set and formed earlier on before the season ahead but if you find yourself very last minute in terms of summer purchases and styling, then I have the essential guide for you. So without further ado, here are some of the summer essentials to give you the ultimate look this year.

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Let’s start with the beauty side of things

First up, we will look at some of the beauty essentials to help create the look you are going for. This year we won’t seem things to be heavy in terms of makeup, and the more natural look is making a big come back. Here are my thoughts.



During the summer it is essential to give your skin some love, but after winter, we can all be guilty of letting the routine go out of the window. Now would be the ideal time to breathe some new life in to dull dry and unloved skin. Cleansing and moisturising daily can really give your skin that healthy glow and rid you of any unwanted spots or acne breakouts. Plus a good diet and drinking plenty of water can also help with the process. As a more natural look is key this year, you will want your skin to be in tip top condition.


Your hair

Your hair may also need some love and attention so now might be the ideal time to get things sorted. Perhaps you want to try a new hair colour, or go a lighter or darker shade for the summer ahead? Changing your hair colour is a great way to inject new life into the looks you create. However, don’t forget to invest in the essential root touch up to keep your hair looking fabulous. You can check out some of the most rated ones here. You could also try some new styles and soft waves and curls are still going to be big this year. However, you could also try braided updos if you want to go for a different look entirely.


Not overdoing the makeup

A natural looking makeup is going to be a great look this summer. So don’t go so heavy on the eye shadow or the liner, and choose more natural shades with a natural curl to your lashes. You may also want to embrace the lipstick trend and choose a blush pink or even a striking red to add a different dimension to your more natural glow on your face.


A bright nail color

Last but not least why not try to be bold in terms of your nail colours? A bright red or pink could work really well in the summer months. However, if you are visiting a salon, then you could embrace the new trend of the matte finish on your nails. This looks especially great with greys or lilac colours and definitely worth a try.

What about the fashion trends?

Okay, time to look at what is going to be hot this year in terms of what you will actually wear. Some of it may surprise you in terms of what we have been seeing on the catwalks, but they are certainly trends that anyone of us can embrace as a little or as much as you would like.


Could you embrace the sequins?

It is all about the sparkle this summer, so if you are not normally one t embrace the sequins or the glitter it now might be the time to dip your toe in the water. Glitter and sequins have embraced the catwalks this year, so we are bound to see elements of this on the high street. You could choose to wear something that has a sequin or glitter motif on the front, you could be subtle by choosing to wear it as part of an outfit, or you could go all out. The option is yours but this look can be made more casula by having subtle details of it for the daytime look.


Pastel shades

Pastel is going to be big, and sometimes the most delicate of colours can give off the boldest looks. Pastel shades work really well with tailoring, so you may want to think about that for your next look when using these colours. Whether you choose lilac, lemon, a mint green or a duck egg blue, these colours are going to be rocking this summer. I also think that you can’t go wrong teaming this colour in a top with a pair skinny jeans. You can even get pastel coloured shoes.


Fringe detail

The fringe effect is making a comeback, believe it or and it isn’t going away this summer as we will still see this trend being big. Whether you choose to add the fringe detail to your accessories like on bags, your jackets or even in your tops or skirts, adding this to your overall look will have you being very on trend this summer. It is far from the festival vibe it once was and we are seeing the fringe effect added to more sophisticated looks, so it definitely could be a winner for you.


Bold colours

While we may have already discussed pastel shades and why they will be big, summer is also all about the bold colours and so you will also see a lot of brightness on the high street this summer. You may want to be bold with a bright yellow, and combining it with a pastel lemon could give you a great overall look. Or you may choose to be bold in pinks, reds or oranges. Whichever colours you choose to embrace, don’t be afraid of a bold colour. You could even embrace the trend through your accessories and your lip colour if you prefer.

I hope that this has given you some food for thought in terms of your summer wardrobe and looks this season.

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