Summer Eyewear Expectations

I have for years had nothing but mediocre and cheap sunglasses, far too cheap to pay that extra dime for something I will almost certainly scratch up within a week, but lately, I have been longing for sunglasses that don’t squeeze my head painfully or leave ugly marks in the bridge of my nose. Another problem is the fact that I have to wear uncomfortable contact lenses anytime I want to wear sunglasses. For those with vision plans in their health insurance, I’ve heard you can purchase sun glasses from your optometrist. Now, all I have to do is look up what kind of insurance plan cover eye wear.

In my search for the perfect pair, that I’m willing to pay for and will wear for at least a couple years, I’ve come across a couple different styles I like and being as I live far from anywhere to buy them in person, I have to depend on reviews and a company’s reputations to know whether or not they’ll be comfortable. As much as I don’t like the idea of that, my research has brought me to a couple different brands I would have no problem picking from online.

One of the most original styles I found was from Lumete Eyewear, a company started by2 entrepreneurial women Claire and Barbera. Clara Herrera, Lumete’s Designer and Creative Director, was born and raised in Colombia. She moved to New York City to attend The New School, where she received a multidisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master’s in Media Studies. Barbara Warren, Lumete’s CEO, received a business degree from Texas A&M University and a law degree from Fordham University in New York. Lumete was born out of Clara’s lifelong obsession with eyewear and Barbara’s longtime entrepreneurial dreams.
Two educated, strong women, who I trust with my eyes sounded like a good place to start my search and tons of their styles really caught my eye.

The style of the sunglasses is very classic and classy, with a huge variety of frame colors and variations to fit anyone’s taste, including  Dita Von Teese!

Check out some of their sunglasses here:

My other option was some sunglasses similar to the ones I currently own, but.. better. I really like my black heart shaped glasses that I bought for $5 on the street in NYC. They might be about the cheapest frame and lens glasses I’ve ever owned, but they are a style I’ve wanted since I was a kid.  I decided to look into better quality options since you most often see heart shaped glasses for little kids , and I found very few. The only one of higher quality by Moschino went almost immediately out of stock while I was deciding. So, I still have the option of some basic “better than $5” heart shaped glasses, but I’m worried about how they will fit, being that they might give me migraines the second I put them on.

My first option is the Love Heart shaped sunglasses at 80s purple, cheap but possibly functional, especially considering that I normally wear glasses anyway but when I do wear sunglasses, it’s usually all day long and having to deal with painful sunglasses all day is getting a little old. My second option, the last pair of Moschino black or white heart shaped sunglasses, OR These  LINDA FARROW – JEREMY SCOTT HEART SHAPED SUNGLASSES

I have some high expectations for sunglasses this year, the first of many I hope, as I raise my standards for sunglasses higher, maybe my quality of enjoyment of wearing them will improve and therefore my summer days themselves.

It’s still hard to tell what the sunglasses trend will be for summer, we all have different tastes and styles that go best with different kinds of sunglasses but so far it looks like Large lenses is still on top, plastic frames and shape? well it is yet to be proven that one particular shape dominates the others right now. What is your favorite sunglasses shape and why?

black and white demolition

black and white demolition
by Alberto Bringas

Getting springy with it

getting springy with it.
by Jin Chu

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