Summer Street Style Reinvented for 2021

This summer, it’s the time to wear whatever we want out and redefine streetwear from what it was pre-pandemic. Streetwear isn’t the same as it used to be. It has evolved from total comfort, to pieces a little bit more advanced and more fun, so it really feels like we are stepping out with fashion in mind. 

Here are a few ways that street style is being reinvented for 2021 and how you can incorporate it into your favorite summer looks:

A Fun Crossbody Bag

A crossbody is easily one of the most loved summer handbags. It gives you the space to carry your essentials and frees up your hands for exploring. With all different colors, materials and styles out there, you can find a fun crossbody bag that suits your personal style and the rest of your wardrobe. If you’re shopping for a new and fun crossbody bag, check out online shops like Mirta for a high-quality Italian leather crossbody bag shipped directly to you. This type of bag can drape effortlessly over a sweatshirt or any outfit to give an instant street worthy vibe.  

Fun printed crochet pants

Crochet pants give your look that boho, summery feel and they are comfortable too! Pair with a fun matching top for a streamlined look or with a simple tee to dress it down. You’ll feel like you are in sweats in a pair of crochet pants but look immensely more elevated and stylish. Bonus if you pair it with a boho bag with tassels and that casual feel as well. 

Chunky boots with shorts 

Shorts are a summer staple and chunky boots are an unexpected pairing for them, yet it is widely popular. It adds that streetwear vibe and you can pair it with a feminine flowy top such as a floral one or a simple tee to keep it casual. It’s a way you can play with masculine and feminine pieces in a combo that suits your style! Not to mention, for those evenings when it gets a bit chilly it is always nice to have a boot on. 

Oversized boyfriend jacket with biker shorts

An oversized boyfriend jacket is a summer essential on its own. You can pair it with so many things and right now, the bralettes and crop tops are popular pairings. It keeps it breezy enough and comfortable enough for summer but also looks stylish. Pair it with another streetwear staple, the biker shorts, and you have an instant outfit.

These trends are different than our traditional views on streetwear thanks to us being at home this year wearing sweatpants 24/7. While the desire to still be comfortable is there, this trend is evolving into something rather elevated. So we can still wear our favorite comfortable clothes but not feel as though we are just going to be staying at home still with these outfits.

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