Superstar Beauty Secrets

If you look at all those celebrities or Instagrammers on social media and you are wondering how they achieve that flawless matte finish or perfect eyeliner wing, then this article might be interesting for you. Let’s check some of the best advice to have a red carpet look with some simple hacks. 

Bright eyes

When you think of celebrities’ working hours, they have pretty tight schedules and have to get up very early to go to the set. Still, they have no undereye bags and always look fresh. A thick layer of concealer can only make things worse since it will be pretty visible. Try to use some nude, taupe, or brown eyeshadow (depending on your natural skin color) to cover these dark circles. It will bring a more natural effect. If the dark circles are too visible and won’t go away, then make some changes to your routine. Go to bed earlier, drink more water, and use some undereye skincare products. 

Glowy skin

Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

That dewy shine that celebrities have is a perfect finish for any makeup. If you have had dull skin lately, you might want to try to give it some sheen and look fresher. Well, let’s be honest, celebrities spend a lot of money on their face care products and an average person might not be able to afford that. Still, there are some things you can do. An instant solution is to add a drop of metallic shadow (golden or silver, depending on your skin tone) to your foundation and you will instantly achieve that glowy finish. Highlighter can do the work as well, be it liquid or compact. Don’t forget to see your dermatologist regularly if your skin has some issues that can’t be fixed with these simple hacks. Face care is more than makeup. 

Chiseled jaw and cheekbones

Genetics helps a lot with this one, but you can still play with light and shadow and create some visual effect on your face that will give you that prominent cheekbones look. Use bronzer and/or contouring palette for this matter. Instead of bronzer, you can use a highlighter, and to brighten the areas you want to make lighter, a concealer is a perfect option. Check some instructions on contouring your face. This is especially a useful hack for those who have a rounder face or a little bit of a double chin. Contouring can be applied to your nose and eyes as well. 

Perfect nude

This again depends on your natural skin tone, so choose the shade for yourself. Nude color on the lips can make them look fuller and can give you some elegant and sultry look. Even if you prefer red or purple colors, make a change from time to time and it will make an effect.  Nude lipstick can sometimes look dried and not provide full coverage. Make sure you use a little bit of a concealer or foundation you use for your face and then apply the lip liner for lip contouring and add lipstick in your favorite nude shade. If you want to make it more lasting, put a thin napkin on your lips and dust some compact powder on it. 

Brows on fleek

Brows have been a thing for the past years and this trend is not going away. We are happy about that since this part of your face is what gives you expressiveness. Make sure you don’t over-pluck them or over paint them. Brows should match your face shape and eyes and their color should be slightly darker than your hair color. If you became a blonde, you might want to lighten your brows a little bit. It is quite the opposite for the brunettes. To make them more natural, use a mascara brush dipped in a little bit of a brow shadow (or a brown eyeshadow for that matter). 

Perfect faux freckles

Photo by Alexander Stemplewski from Pexels

Many would agree that freckles are among the most beautiful and cute imperfections on someone’s face. Freckles can make you instantly cute and take away a tired look on your face. You might have them naturally in the summer but why wait for the sun rays to make them appear. There are hacks for faux freckles that will allow you to have them whenever you want and only with the help of eyeliner and some beauty blender. 

Beach waves in your hair

This is an easy way to have a hairstyle that is nice and doesn’t require over-heating it with a curling iron. Celebrities like Blake Lively are famous for this hairstyle. There are several tricks for no heat beach waves. You can use braids, buns, or velcro rollers. We advise you to apply some salty spray before curling your hair because it will make it easier for the curls to form. 

Not that you know these tips, you might apply some of them in your beauty routine. They are not expensive and can give you the celebrity look we all want to achieve. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive face products, but don’t forget that you should still nourish your face and consult a dermatologist in case there are any issues that makeup can’t solve.

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