Sustainable Performance Brands That Will Change the World

Over the past few years the levels of waste businesses produce and the operations they practice have been highlighted and some companies are open to making changes. The changes can be major recycling implementations and reduction in waste or by simply changing some of the logistic of the company, but there are some brands that are leading the change and giving the rest something to strive towards. If you’re planning on purchasing new performance where you can be part of the improvement and support some of the following brands and what they stand for.

The Float Leggings by Horizon Athletic

Horizon Athletic

A womens activewear & swimwear brand offering luxury garments made of recycled plastics. The australian brand uses ocean plastics in the creation of its garments, which help the ocean become cleaner and helps to preserve sea life for the future. Not only are the garment ethical but the technology used in the activewear is proven to be up to 5 times more durable when compared to current sportswear garments that use regular materials. Compression technology is also added to the high waisted gym leggings and other garments to assure optimal works can be exicuted.


The brands name is inspired by its origin, the garments are all made from bamboo cotton, which offers multiple benefits for both the environment and wearers. Bamboo cotton is moisture wicking, which means it does not retain sweat and moisture during a workout as well as being breathable and antibacterial making it comfortable during every workout. Bamboo is also the fastest growing tree in the world and grows naturally with just rainwater and is 100% biodegradable. And to top it all off it’s know as a very soft material that is chafe free for any long workout at a very reasonable price.

The Sundried Grivola 2.0 Women’s Top is part of our pioneering Eco Charge range and is made from recycled coffee grounds.


A high performance running brand that takes pride in creating its active by recycling coffee grounds & one use plastics. Sundried is renowned as a manufacturer that creates products that are built to last, dry quickly and look modern, while making every assurance that they are reducing their carbon footprint and reducing CO2 Emissions.


Likely the most well known brand on this list, Patagonia donated 1% of sales or 10% of pre tax profits to environmental groups that look to protect and restore wildlife areas around the world. The outdoor brand also has practices in place to constantly review the product they offer to ensure they are design with preserving the environment as a priority.

It might not feel like youre change is making an impact right away but the more you look into the way bigger manufacturers produce their product the more likely you are to recommend ethical brand to your friend and family and one by one the environmentally friend brand can begin to take over and other will have no choice but to change that fast unethical practices.

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