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Photos of the Day: It’s Always Hot in America del Sur

Although the temperature varies greatly throughout south america, from its towering Andes to arid deserts, steaming jungles and glaciers the size of U.S. states, Fashion is always hot in South America, if you know where to go. The larger cities of course being the most connected with the world and having also their own inventive style, trends, music and even celebrities. It’s easy to take advantage of what we know nothing about but don’t forget about South America when…

Katy Perry California Dreams Promo

Katy Perry Photos for GHD by David LaChapelle

Katy Perry is the new celeb representative for GHD Hair, a UK company with a world renowned reputation and celebrity draw.  Aside from the shameless promotion of a company I’ve never heard of, I was drawn to the marriage of Perry and GHD because of the photos. As celebrities go, I have to say I actually like Katy Perry’s style quite a bit and like her TV appearances I catch from time to time, the new photos for GHD Hair really caught my eye. I was especially…

Brazil Street Fashion
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Photo of the day: Love me tender

Blusa/Shirt: Pool (Riachuelo) Saia/Skirt: White Joola (Vintage from Japan) – Paguei R$3,00 nela! Óculos/Glasses: Vintage (From Argentina) – Original dos anos 50, comprei em Buenos Aires. Anél/Ring: Linda Li Bolsa/Bag: Pink Bijou Sapatos/Shoes: Werner Find it at: //mylittleicecream.blogspot.com/…

Zombie Girl, Miami Street Art
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Miami Street Art, 2+ Square Blocks of Heaven

We have been in Miami for about a month now, before that the Everglades and all sorts of other places around the state since August, and after having a not so great time here adapting to the East Coast attitude.. , I was happy to hear that one of my favorite artist, Sonni, who moved to Miami from Argentina over a year ago, was back to painting walls here in the US! I hinted on facebook that I was…

Andres - Argentina - Paper Wallet Designer Series
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Paper Wallet Designer Series are Here!

Finally! We wrote a blog post about Paper Wallets back in April (here), anxiously awaiting their designer series (not that their solids aren’t great), and they informed us of their release this week! If you didn’t read it, you can, or heres a run down: Paper Wallets is a company dedicated to eco solutions, and innovation. Their thin “paper” wallets are durable, water resistant, flexible and spacious. They wont tear without a beating, or bulk up your already tight ass pants.…