Photos of the Day: Black is the New Black

Black will always be my favorite “color” – always. When my teachers would tell me “Black isn’t a color” I would reply, “well, then I don’t have one, I like black”, much to their disappointment.  As years went by I grew to like other colors, gold, yellow, hot pink… but they were always accompanied by black. My boots are always black, my coats are always black, but everything in between is allowed a little more leeway. I do prefer grey jeans to blue ones and most of my favorite t-shirts are black, but I try and bring a little color…

Photos of the Day: Biker Party – Schwinn It

When we went to Colorado for holiday break, I never saw so many people riding their bikes in the snow as we did in Durango and Telluride. We thought you needed special tires or even bike chains but apparently you just need good balance. I’m still not sure I’d ride my Schwinn on a busy, snowy, street, but I might try down some of our neighbourhood roads while I got the hang of it. So basically, if you’re missing a good bike ride as much as I am, there is no excuse! Copenhagen Bikehaven By Franz-Michael S. Mellbin Atlanta Bikehaven…

Photos of the Day: Cold Weather Abound, Style is Found

Fashion bloggers all over the northern hemisphere are feeling the chill and finding striking winter styles everywhere. I personally haven’t been shopping in a while, recovering from post holiday-shopping hangover, but hopefully I’ll be back at it soon, out in the cold weather, suffering with the rest of you! Anyone know a good shopping hangover remedy? January Reds by Black tux by BIG Cardigan Southern Winter Atlanta Street Fashion Finland

Photos of the day: Suited up – Alternative Work Wear Awesomeness!

Some members of the group really know how to dress for all occasions! They can turn a traditionally formal outfit into a cool and classic looking ensemble! Love it! Alternative Work Wear should have its own blog! By Cameron Adams – Atlanta street fashion Autour du défilé Bernhard Willhem

Photo Tips: Fun With Color – Street Fashion and Backdrops

For photos of your own outifits, or on the street, consider using backgrounds that flatter or contrast your outfit, the photos will be eye drawing, appealing and memorable. Blue Green By Virginie’s Cinema – Virginie LB Mirrored By Salonguy Sunflower on Sunday By boboniaa Muralism By Cameron Adams – Atlanta Street Fashion