Junkprints: Brooklyn Style for all Seasons

It’s straight up winter everywhere these days (except for you lucky people in the southern hemisphere), and while perusing Etsy like I do every day or so, I came across some of the best winter wear from an unexpected place, Brooklyn New York. I’m in a snowy Colorado ski town for the next 6 months and it was down to 1 degrees Fahrenheit last night already, so it’s clear that I really have it in for me this winter… I’ve been to Brooklyn but never lived there, and I never thought that awesome winter wear would come out of it…

A Bagslag’s Dream!

I was recently contacted by this company as I often am, but what stood out first was their name. Bagslag is one of the most clever names I’ve heard in a while for a company, especially a bag company. I haven’t actually seen a bagslag bag but aside from the name being so clever, their designs are pretty clever as well.