Photos of the Day: Bike Ride Envy

It’s basically winter here in the northern hemisphere, no snow yet but already it’s getting too cold for a casual bike ride. I long for a bike ride on sunny winter streets on a warm day but I know soon enough I’ll find winter things to do. Where is your favorite place to ride your bike? Nothing like dressing up and riding my vintage bike around the city – so many photo ops! Check out these stylish riders from all over! Bike at the Brick Wall By Just a guy who likes to take pictures – Jonne Kingma Yellow Biker in Croatia By CROATOR.NETAntonija…

Biker’s Weekend

There’s a biker rally in the town we’re in this week. Unfortunately, my bike isn’t running right and would probably get run over by the giant Harleys and Hondas, but nevertheless, I can hope to one day attend a biker rally of my own caliber, small (my bike is only 250cc – that goes about 60mph). I still dress the part and so my biker spirit is strong. Check out these bikers from the group! Rockstar Chic By Caroline Ghetes Harajuku Monkey Bike & Owner By tokyofashion Homegrown By Heebie Jeebies My Birthday Outfit By Karimee Hope you all had a good weekend!