Photos of the Day: Cold Weather Abound, Style is Found

Fashion bloggers all over the northern hemisphere are feeling the chill and finding striking winter styles everywhere. I personally haven’t been shopping in a while, recovering from post holiday-shopping hangover, but hopefully I’ll be back at it soon, out in the cold weather, suffering with the rest of you! Anyone know a good shopping hangover remedy? January Reds by Black tux by BIG Cardigan Southern Winter Atlanta Street Fashion Finland

Stylein: Swedish Fashion for this Frozen Land

It’s been cold and frozen for months here and now half of the country is covered in snow and ice as well. I’ve spent half my winter covering up my clothes and acclimating to the average 20F(7c) temps (around 0 at night) for months now and I’ve started to break out of my puffer jacket, wool socks and long underwear and wear things that would have left me shivering last fall. As everyone knows, Sweden is a cold place and just like here in the Rockies, locals acclimate, and what you once wore in the 20 degree (7C) cold, you…