First Thursday, From Radishes to Compounds

haven’t had a chance to go in a while but I was invited to check out the party going on at Radish Underground, a cute little boutique with a pretty great location on 10th st . Radish Underground was hosting a little party featuring Erhart Streetwear, a local, and totally awesome designer I just happen to speak about quite often.

Smashing Darling Interview with Erhart Design

Interview: Chelsea Erhart, Clothing Designer Meet Chelsea Erhart, owner and designer for her clothing line Erhart. Read on as this young energetic world traveling designer takes you on a sneak peek tour of what life is like for her. Her home base is in Oregon, but the inspiration for her collection comes from all over. Pieces from the current Erhart collection SD: When did you realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?CE: It was really my mom who decided I was going to be a fashiondesigner! As for me, life kept on handing me jobs where I learned theskills…