Holiday Party Dresses to Email home About

I’m way behind on my holiday party planning, especially what I’ll be wearing. I’m hoping I’ll get the perfect dress by New Years, but for Christmas, I think it’s an ugly sweater, skirt, leggings and tall boots kind of night this year. Checking out the group, I got some ideas for my new years plans though. The perfect dress can make my night in some ways, assuming I lay off the eggnog and try not to out-sing my uncle Phil (usually ends up in a scream-caroling match) – having on a great outfit makes me feel more confident and original….

A Very Vinyl X-mas to you!

I love Kidrobot, and particularly Dunny’s. I have about 30 – a meager collection really compared to some but I’m building. Every Christmas Kidrobot releases their x-mas dunny’s and of course I have 3. What I don’t have yet is this years x-mas Dunny, Krunk-a-Claus! He is probably the best one yet as far as holiday Dunny’s go, and WILL be a part of my collection soon, even if I’m on the road in the middle of Texas, far from a shop that carries Kidrobot toys. Even so, mail order is an option for all of us of course and…