Junkprints: Brooklyn Style for all Seasons

It’s straight up winter everywhere these days (except for you lucky people in the southern hemisphere), and while perusing Etsy like I do every day or so, I came across some of the best winter wear from an unexpected place, Brooklyn New York. I’m in a snowy Colorado ski town for the next 6 months and it was down to 1 degrees Fahrenheit last night already, so it’s clear that I really have it in for me this winter… I’ve been to Brooklyn but never lived there, and I never thought that awesome winter wear would come out of it…

Gelada Studio: Talkin’ About My Generation

I recently came across a clothing company that drew my eyes to their tees like a moth to a lamp, but with a much better outcome. I know that sounds a little strange but since travel is basically my way of life, a clothing company who celebrates travel is perfect. Me any my boyfriend have been on the road for 2 years this October and before that I’ve traveled as much as humanly possible, as some of my readers know. When I heard about Gelada Studio and saw pics from their latest line, I fell in love with their idea….

The Originators

The music in the boom boxes, record players and 8 tracks of the past and the first graffiti on the streets and subways of New York mark the beginnings of a subculture many of us enjoy today. The Originators are in those boom boxes, on those records and arting up the walls of the past and we found someone first in line to honor their fine work, The Originators.