Nicholas K – Beautiful Harkin, Anthro & Adler Jackets for Spring

They’re a bit too expensive for my taste but so beautiful to look at, the Nicholas K women’s jackets are a great collection with an avant-garde military vibe, dusty, earthy tones and a modern utilitarian feel. The draping elements of these current coats have a runway look while being completely street fashion ready any time of year. They’re light but solid, wear them open on a sunny day, closed and zipped up with the dramatic hood up and your style will be burned in the memory of everyone who walks by. Check out these Nicholas K Jackets  

New Year’s Contest: Winter Hats by Yak Apparel!

We spent last winter really stocking up on winter apparel when we lived in Colorado, Sweaters, coats, goggles, gloves, hats, ski gear and boots galore. Buying all that stuff all in one season can really get expensive so I had planned on using most of it in the years to come, however a love fashion doesn’t always permit you to just wear the same things every year. I found the key to using some of the same seasonal clothes while not getting bored is definitely Accessorizing. Getting yourself a new hat, scarf or pair of gloves can really mix up…