A Very Vinyl X-mas to you!

I love Kidrobot, and particularly Dunny’s. I have about 30 – a meager collection really compared to some but I’m building. Every Christmas Kidrobot releases their x-mas dunny’s and of course I have 3. What I don’t have yet is this years x-mas Dunny, Krunk-a-Claus! He is probably the best one yet as far as holiday Dunny’s go, and WILL be a part of my collection soon, even if I’m on the road in the middle of Texas, far from a shop that carries Kidrobot toys. Even so, mail order is an option for all of us of course and…

First Thursday, From Radishes to Compounds

haven’t had a chance to go in a while but I was invited to check out the party going on at Radish Underground, a cute little boutique with a pretty great location on 10th st . Radish Underground was hosting a little party featuring Erhart Streetwear, a local, and totally awesome designer I just happen to speak about quite often.